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What a Wonderful World


It’s very easy in this time of Brexit and President Trump to see your glass as half empty and wonder what on earth it’s all for!!  But for me all of the negativity just melted away this week when I was lucky enough to be there in the room, as my third beautiful grandson was born.  To be invited to share in such a moment is the most precious experience ever.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Having your own child is immensely special, but watching her then have her own child is just amazing.  There’s no other word for it!  For those of you who aren’t grandparents yet, it’s difficult to describe how that new life is so inextricably linked to yours and how in the same second it took for you to fall in love with your own baby, you do the same with them too.  They are your blood, they are of you.COMPILATION_bw

My passion for photography was born out of trying to capture that connection between people.  The genuine emotion that passes between human beings, in their greetings, spending time together and their departures.  As time passes we forget or lose those connections in our memories but by photographing them we retain them and take great pleasure and comfort from them.  Over the years I have expanded that to include wildlife and nature, but my first love and passion is and will always remain my family and the ones I love.

So this week I introduce to you; Lachlan James Smith, born at 8:31 pm on 28th November 2016