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A Blank Page

Eeek: A new blank page to fill, it’s quite daunting:  365 days, 12 months, 1 year of photos:

I have attempted to complete a 365 photo challenge in years past using prompts for each day.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that life doesn’t organise itself in line with daily prompts and lists so one little curve ball thrown into the mix and I’ve lost momentum and eventually given up. Last year, however  I completed the challenge in the form of a calendar.  Every photo I added was taken in the relevant month, but I didn’t take one photo every day and there has been some creative expansions to fill in the gaps :-).  So this year (2017) I’m going to challenge myself to take a photograph every single day of the year and keep a record of it.  I’ve created a template to add them all to and am spurred on by having completed last year’s.  I’ve realised what a fantastic memoire it has become. It’s amazing how much we do every year and how much we forget unless we record it.  For me photos are better than words as they stimulate so many memories.  I’m sure the words would only enhance the memories so this year I’m going to try and add those too.  I don’t dare promise to go back and write 2016’s but if I get chance I might.  I have a prompts list, but my focus is journaling my year as photographer, but also as an NHS employee, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, friend and everything else I choose to be.  Here are the pages of my 2016 calendar:


2017 starts today with  a blank page and I can’t wait to see what story I can paint with my photography and my life.  I know I already have some interesting projects set up for this year  including weddings and new babies.  I hope that I will get the chance to include some of your smiling (or even grumpy) faces over the coming months.  Happy New Year to you all, wishing you a wonderous and fulfilling 2017